Microblading is a TWO STEP process. Many people see photos and believe after one appointment that they will have beautifully, perfect eyebrows after one appointment and they are set until their next appointment – this is not the case, as much as would love it to be… Two visits MUST be completed in order to achieve the semi-permanent brow. If you do not return for your second visit, only half the job will be completed and you will not be satisfied with the result – and waste your money.

First Week: Your eyebrows will appear to look darker and thicker due to some swelling. Scabs will form in order to heal.

Second & Third Week: You will start to panic and believe that the procedure did not work because it will appear as though all the ink has disappeared. Do not panic, this is because new skin is forming over the treated area.

Fourth Week: Your natural exfoliation will start to kick in and the colour will begin to emerge.

4-6 Weeks after your initial appointment and you will return for your touch up. After your second visit you will love your new eyebrow and you are set for about a year!