Teeth Whitening

Beautiful Bright Smile is the system we use at Avenue 42. It is a local company, developed by a dental care professional. It is a safe, Health Canada approved system that really works. In just 60 minutes you can have a smile that is anywhere from 4-18 shades whiter


    • Health Canada Approved
    • No After Sensitivity.
    • Instant Results.
    • 4-18 Shades Brighter.
    • LED Light Activated.
    • Three¬†Formulas Available.
    • Chemical FREE treatments available.
    • Custom tipped pens used vs. trays.
    • Every treatment is custom to the patient.¬†
    • Extremely safe for gums.
    • 5 minute patient prep time.
    • Only ONE 60 minute treatment required
    • Created by a former Dental Professional