This season it seems that bright reds and greens are a popular colour choice – I’m talking watermelon and cherry reds, to limes and palm tree greens.

We know there are lots of festivities happening in the summer from weddings, to bachelorette parties, baby showers, you name it. The last thing you need to worry about it what colour to pick for your manicure. Here are some of the top nail polish colours to swoon over this summer:

1. Pastel Pinks

Throw out the classic white polish and try something with a slight pink hue. This subtle yet pretty undertones are perfect for summer and look a little more natural than a bold white. If you’re not a pink person try and go for a pastel purple, grey, blue.

2. Oranges

For those with fair skin, get a little more risky this summer and go for a super bright colour that’s going to stand out. (Even if you’re not fair skinned and tan easily, orange will look great on you as well). Orange is playful and cheerful and not many people will expect it.

3. Coral

A mixture of peach and pink, coral, is a classic go-to colour for summer. It also helps that coral works on all skin tones and can be more fun than your typical red and pink colours. Again fair skin it gives a nice contrast to the skin and with a warmer skin tone it brings out golden undertones.

4. Metallics/Chrome

Something we’ve seen early on this year and the trend is sticking around. Play up to the bronze, silver, and gold metallic look this season. You’ll have glowing tanned skin, why not have your nails do the same.

5. Bold Blues

A colour that is not likely seen on nails, but one that makes a statement. Rock this colour and make a statement that you are strong and confident. Plus when else can you get away with such a bold colour choice?