Permanent Make Up

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup (microblading or shaded)

Screenshot_2016-08-25-22-07-48Our permanent eyebrows styling abilities have been able to give our clients the “Wow” factor. This is their response when they see their permanent eyebrow make-up for the first time, after we have artistically tattooed them. They appear so life like that even they cannot tell the difference between real eyebrows and the permanent eyebrow make-up we have just created for them. The shape is so soft and natural that nobody will ever know you had anything done. As GHP_4928a professionally trained cosmetic tattoo artist it is very important that our clients’ eyebrows be properly contoured to their face providing the framework to opening UP your eyes, to give a more youthful and refreshed appearance. It is very important that your eyebrows be handled with care and given the utmost delicate treatment when waxing, coloring and shaping them. If one’s eyebrows are too thick they may take over your face and become the focal point. This would detract attention away from your beautiful eyes. The opposite can be just as bad, you don’t want emaciated eyebrows as this would make your eyebrows blend into your facial features and leave your eyes unnoticed.  If you prefer a more dramatic look, we also create a shaded brow. Think about what it would be like to have permanent eyebrows that you would no longer have to pencil in every day. No more smudging or washing away! Wake up every day with permanent eyebrows that are the same as they were the day before and the week before.  You will look like you have just had your brows done at a professional salon.

Permanent Eyeliner

During the permanent eye-liner make-up treatment, a thin or thicker line is applied on the upper and lower eyelash margins. This provides you with a made up eyes look. Some women desire subtle natural lash enhancement, while others desire a more dramatic make-up look. It is your own decision.

Thicker Eyelashes

Fuller or thicker looking eyelashes (or Eyelash Enhancements) for those clients that have thin to very thin eyelashes we have a procedure that can give the appearance of thicker eyelashes.

20160909_182750Lip Enhancement

In today’s demanding lifestyle, you want to have naturally defined lips all day long, without the need to put on lipstick several times a day. The permanent lipstick or lip blush is your best solution! A permanent makeup lip colour implantation creates an attractive lip line that enhances the shape of the mouth and looks great with or without makeup. Women without a definite lip shape, pale lips, sun damaged lips, uneven lips or lips that have lost their shape as a result of cold sores or injury, can now use this amazing procedure to revive their lips. You’ll gain a definite lip shape that will emphasize or enlarge your mouth. Great procedure for those with faded lips or loss of pigment.