We all have had or have wanted those perfect nails that all the celebrities rock on a daily basis. How do you decide what shape? Are you roundie? Maybe square? I am more of an oval lover, but almond seems to be popular right now… But wait, what do these shapes even mean?


We have compiled a list of the top five nail shapes – which one are you?


  1. Round: Feminine, Caring, Romantic
  2. Oval: Practical and independent
  3. Squoval (square and oval at the same time): Ladylike, Assertive, Ambitious
  4. Square shape: A leader, Diva, strong and bold.
  5. Almond: Refined, Artistic.


Do you agree with your nail shape? Let us know over in the comments on our Facebook page. One person will win a free ice cream cake from Willoughby DQ.