Every action or decision we made is because of something. We don’t take decisions or actions randomly, and there’s a meaning behind nail colours that you actually don’t know.Langley Nail Salon

In fact, nail colours reflect certain traits of her personality and her current mood.

Can’t you believe me? Well, scientifically speaking everything that I’m going to write here is backed up by science. Bearing in mind the scientists and social results about what do colours express, this is the meaning behind gel nails colours:


This is not a common pick among many women. However, it reflects happiness, energy, and positivism. If you see a woman with this colour on her gel nails, probably he is a happy person who is easy to have a meaningful relationship with.


Usually red is associated with sexiness, elegance and confident. For these reasons, the red colour is the most popular pick among many women all around the globe. Wearing this color doesn’t mean you’re going to be a hot bomb immediately, but it let others know that you feel confident, sexy and elegant.


This is a new trend that you can easily notice among many young women. It means power, fearlessness and provides a complete protection for those who feel insecure in the outside world. You can wear this colour if you feel powerful, a rebellious by nature and you’re definitely not extrovert.

Langley Nail SalonWhite

White has always been a sacred colour, something that grants innocence and brings new beginnings. Since our first days, people have been in love with this colour. Nowadays, it’s a really common choose for all kind of women.


Green is naturally associated with healing processes and true environmental conscious.  Your love for animals, plants and environmental in overall are reflected perfectly by wearing this colour on your nails. Your nails will look astonishing by the way.


Fairly popular pick among us. With this colours, you reflect a sweet, innocent and friendly personality. If you feel identified with the mentioned above, probably pink is the only colour you’ll ever wear. Come on, who has not seen pink nails?


Orange is the meaning of massive energy and extrovert spirit, you really like to be around others. If you’re a woman who loves to party, hangout with friends and being around people all the time, this is your best bet. As well as yellow nails, this is not a really common pick.


Blue has always meant the same across the history: royalty, reliable and powerful. Excellent choice if you’re thinking about impress others at work. This is your bet if you want to reflect that professional and powerful image we always look for.

PurpleLangley Nail Salon

Fashion trends and young women are wearing this colours really often. Blue and purple have similarities because both of them reflects loyalty, but purple nails mean spirituality. In-depth levels, you’re a more receptive and conscious person than others. By words, is impossible to explain, but you can reflect it with your nail colours.


This is a variable or at least a softer shade of purple. You can reflect high amounts of feminism power by using this colours. Any man in the world could wear this colour, only women!

This nail colours if the perfect balance between not too girly, and not too old.