1. Luxurious Bath & Relaxation Product Review

Luxurious Bath & Relaxation Inc. is a local company based out of Surrey, BC. owned and operated by a mother-daughter duo. Both Harleen and her mother pride themselves on creating products that are made from natural and vegan ingredients, but also have a luxurious feel.

I had the pleasure of trying out some of their products and here is my personal review:

Rose Votive Candle: 100% Soy Based

The aroma that came off this candle when lit was quite light and subdued. I liked that the smell wasn’t too pungent but just enough that when you walked by it, you got a hint of floral. I was impressed with how long the candle wax melted for – I had mine lit for a good few hours.

I think these candles are great if you’re not wanting too powerful of a smell in your home, something mild and that will burn for quite some time.

Fresh Bar Soap:

When I heard LBR’s fresh soap bar was infused with detoxifying essential oils I was intrigued with how the soap would feel on my skin. I am quite sensitive to a lot of products so was happy to not have had a reaction to this product. I didn’t need to use much to get a nice lather and it left my skin feeling refreshed.

Lavender Bath Fizzies:

This product was fun to try out with my son during bath time (mainly due to the fact that it fizzes when place in water). My son is 18 months old and didn’t have a reaction of any sort to this product – not to say how others would react, this is just based on my child. It left him quite soft and the natural lavender aroma seemed to linger on the skin and hair for some time which was nice.

2. Meraki Skincare

Meraki Skincare is a local family owned handmade soap and skincare business that is run out of Mission and Creston BC. With an extensive line of lip balms, bath bombs, and skincare products – you are sure to find something for all your skincare needs!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out their “Grapefruit Body Butter”. When I first opened my container I was shocked – it didn’t look like the body butter’s I am used to seeing. It looked like whipped cream! Honestly, I actually enjoyed the fact that this body butter was whipped instead of being a hard cream that I had to dig my finger into. I did need to use more than I normally would, but it does spread nicely (in this case I used it on my hands and elbows). It definitely seeped into my skin quickly and I liked the citrus aroma.

It definitely still stays tacky on your skin for a while after you apply it – so your skin may appear shiny for a little while. I equated this to having my skin being extra moisturized for a longer period of time. All in all, this body butter did the trick/what I needed it too.

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