The Christmas holidays are just at the turn of the corner (literally). In order to be perfectly dressed, we must have the perfect nail design complementing our incredible outfit.

On these Christmas, we can get the best holiday nail designs just by ourselves. We’re going to give you a comprehensive list of basic designs that you’ll do by yourself, you won’t need the help of a professional.

These are simple but astonishing designs that will make your nails look as never before.

Creativity is your limitation actually, you can create by yourself dozens of unbelievable designs. However, the only limitation when it comes to holiday nail designs is the colour theme.

Everyone knows that Christmas are holidays in which snowmen are normal, peppermints are everywhere and the red, gold and green colours are mandatory.

Bearing in mind those rules, you have to adapt your designs to those colours. What does it means? That in order to successfully achieve that holiday nail design, we must focus on those elements.

These are one of the easiest, but beautiful designs these holidays:

Peppermint border

This design is easily achievable by just using a polish of white colour and another one with a red colour. The base will be the white polish until it’s dry, you’ll do small but symmetric peppermint design just at borders.

Nail Ornaments


This design is a couple of steps forward in terms of difficulty. However, with practice you’ll left some jaws on the floor. Bearing in mind the theme colours of Christmas (Gold, green, red and write) this is an outstanding design which reflects perfectly the Christmas spirit.

You must apply a polish base of a dark green colour. Once it’s dry, you will apply any kind of ornaments into your nails.

Wrapping paper into your nails 


If you’re looking for tricky designs and astonishing results, the wrapping paper is the secret. Every nail must have a polish base of different colour and add some personalize elements, such as an snowman, a snowflake and some sort of wrapping paper design on it.

Mini Santa’s Hats


Let’s be honest, at the same time you look at a Santa’s hat, you realize you’re on Christmas holidays. There are a few things as representative as a Santa’s hat. Bearing in mind that, you can easily design a Santa’s hat in your nails by using a write and red polish.

Gingerbread nails


Gingerbread men are essential in any kind of holidays. For that matter, on this Christmas, you’d like to create a design with at least of these men in your nails.

You just need 3 colours: brown, white and a beige colour.

Goldish and black design 


This design is really simple, even for the most beginner woman in the world. Fortunately, you just need two colours, black and gold.

Once you’ve applied a black base, you can proceed to add some horizontal stripes in gold colour.