15875513_1174527075966791_6202200729130038870_oOur eyebrows are one of the most striking features of our faces. In fact, one of the first things you see from another person is their brows. For that matter, we need to keep them on point, immaculate and perfect.

However, not having our dream eyebrows put a barrier between us and our dreams. Do we need to worry about things that can be fixed right? Fortunately, our eyebrows have so many techniques to make them look as we want. From makeup, tattooing or by microblading, we can have the eyebrows we want. Microblading is probably the best solution to update your eyebrows. More pricey initially than any pencil or powder; you’ll save in the long-term by reducing your expenses in makeup and time to achieve the look as we want, etc.

It’s not a secret, a microblading can transform your eyebrows completely. It’s like entering into an eyebrows shop and get out with a new pair of them. No matter if you want them arched and feathered or straight and bold.

Microblading is a relatively new method to make our brows to look on point. All first started 25 years ago in15385528_1144548352297997_3975616469450272256_o Asia, people started this tendency throughout the entire continent. When this method was created, a few option were available by that time. In fact, It hasn’t so many time in the US.

As the time goes by, many artists and experts of this techniques, started to use new shapes and patterns as well as tools to increase the difficulty and the options of eyebrows.

In Asia, 20 years ago, artists used cross hair strokes in an ‘x’ pattern because hairs do cross. For that matter in that time, it wasn’t a popular method to update eyebrows. That’s because that original method tended to injure the skin and give an unnatural or artificial results.

However, that cross hair strokes has disappeared. Nowadays, in the US, experts and artist are using cutting-edge technologies such as 3D Eyebrows. Asia is an innovative continent, and a famous artist like David Zhang has created a new advanced technique called 6D Eyebrow.

Every day it is even more common to meet or know people who have used this technique to make their eyebrows look more natural, bold, arched and so on. In the last 5 years, microblading has grown a ton. 5 years ago it was impossible to find relevant or coherent results in search engines as Google. Now, it’s a 15385401_1145632828856216_3511712987960928870_ohot search for many women all around the world looking for their perfect eyebrows.

Microblading is a technique in which the pigments are manually deposited in the upper part of the dermis. Using a hand tool with needles in a linear grouping, this is a method in which machines are not involved. This technique has thrived with so much fame across the globe because it represents an authentic and definitive solution for the lack of eyebrows and to grant them with new shapes and styles. Other methods such as tattooing, makeup and so on, are not as reliable and don’t grant the same results. Microblading is almost permanent, and you just need to retouch it once a year. It’s not as painful as you would expect and certainly, you’ll wake up every single morning with those perfect eyebrows you get from the process.