So, you have made the decision to step your brow game
ghp_4878up and indulge in some permanent make up. How do you choose your artist? Do you search ‘microblading’ on Google? Do you find the person with the most Facebook Likes? The cheapest price? Or maybe even the best looking photos? Do any of these factors actually tell you the truth about their talent? You are putting your face in the hands of this individual not just for the session but the next year, or even more…

Did you know that with the growing popularity of permanent make up and microblading, that more and more people are becoming ‘artists’? Did you also know that there is no governing body for microblading and that anybody can claim to be a professional microblading artist? Some people take a two day course, some people take a two week course? Which would you feel more comfortable with putting your eyebrows into the hands of?

Factors you should consider when choosing your eyebrow artist:

  1. Where did they take their training? Were they taught by a known institution? Or maybe it was just someone who was teaching classes on the weekends? Did you look up this institution and/or teacher? Is it legit? Do they know all the sanitation procedures? Do they continue to upgrade their skills?
  2. How much practice do they have? Are they brand new? How many times have they done the actual procedure? I don’t know about you, but I want someone who is good at eyebrows giving me eyebrows that are going to last an entire year…
  3. Check reviews! Reviews will tell you truth about the person and/or business. Facebook reviews especially cannot be edited or deleted so you know if there was a bad review on there, it will still be there.
  4. Look at their portfolio. Pictures are worth a thousand words and they can show you the truth and what can one day be your eyebrows.
  5. Check their pricing. When you hear the saying, “You get what you pay for,” that stands true when you are picking an eyebrow artist as well. The more experienced and the more talented, the higher the price tag. If you find someone who’s prices are a lot cheaper, there is usually a reason. Maybe they don’t have very much experience? Maybe they aren’t insured?ghp_4905

As we speak, Mandi is currently in Toronto attending the Micropigmentation Centre to further her education within the industry. She is constantly upgrading her skills and learning the newest techniques with the newest and best technology. We’re excited to see what she has learnt this time!