Winter Colours | Langley Nail & Cosmetic Tattoo Salon

Months ago we were saying "winter is coming". But, we're aware that winter has come and our nails know it. For that matter, we need to make our nails look like they're prepared for the winter. The snow, cold and salt will be our best friends in the following...

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Holiday Nail Designs | Langley Nail & Cosmetic Tattoo Salon

The Christmas holidays are just at the turn of the corner (literally). In order to be perfectly dressed, we must have the perfect nail design complementing our incredible outfit. On these Christmas, we can get the best holiday nail designs just by ourselves. We're...

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The Healing Process

Microblading is a TWO STEP process. Many people see photos and believe after one appointment that they will have beautifully, perfect eyebrows after one appointment and they are set until their next appointment - this is not the case, as much as would love it to be......

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Choosing your eyebrow artist

So, you have made the decision to step your brow game up and indulge in some permanent make up. How do you choose your artist? Do you search 'microblading' on Google? Do you find the person with the most Facebook Likes? The cheapest price? Or maybe even the best...

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Meet Mandi

Mandi is the face behind the brand of Avenue 42. Mandi started in aesthetics in 2008 because she was extremely interested in facials, skin care and makeup. She didn't plan on branching into nails, but it came so naturally to her and her fabulous natural talent had...

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If you are twenty-five or older you probably remember the eyebrow trend of extremely - EXTREMELY - thin brows. Do you remember it? Looking back at photos makes me cringe a little bit, but every generation had their style that we look back at and laugh. I’m still...

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