Essential Oils | Avenue 42: Langley Microblading

Essential oils, which are also referred to as volatile oils, are scented oils extracted from different types of plants. And in today's society these oils seem to be all the rave. So, why the name “essential”? This is because the oils contain the “essence” of the...

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Benefits of Healthy Eating | Avenue 42: Langley Microblading

Eating healthy isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but committing to a healthier diet can be one of the best decisions you make. Why you ask? Not only will eating better make you feel great, it can always be super cost effective and beneficial for your well-being....

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National Woman’s Checkup Day | Avenue 42

Today is National Woman's Checkup Day and today we encourage you to schedule your next checkup. Since we began doing the #SheIsStrongByAvenue42 campaign, we have met so many strong women that have been faced with some difficult times and we want to encourage you to...

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Sun Exposure and Your Skin | Avenue 42

There is no denying the fact that sunshine makes people feel good, and better yet look good. A nice glowing tan, now what could be better than that? However, there comes a dangerous price tag alongside that marvelous tan. Frequent exposure to the sun causes wrinkles...

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The Importance of Drinking Water | Langley Microblading

People have been saying this for years; water is extremely beneficial for your body and mind. On top of that it’s free and for the most part easily accessible. If you didn’t already know - our brains are 90% water, our body is about 70% water, and the majority of our...

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The Importance of Regular Exercise

It’s a known fact that exercise is important in our daily lives; but some people may not know what or why exercising is truly good for the body. Regardless if you live a busy lifestyle, have kids at home, or don’t have a ton of motivation - there are many ways you can...

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Brows through the ages | Langley Nail & Cosmetic Tattoo Salon

Of course that every woman in the world like to change her look and generate new changes. Possibly, many women believe that a change can lead new beginnings. Whether you’re looking for a new beginning, or just change how you look because you’re bored of it. Here...

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Nail Shapes | Langley Nail & Cosmetic Tattoo Salon

We all have had or have wanted those perfect nails that all the celebrities rock on a daily basis. How do you decide what shape? Are you roundie? Maybe square? I am more of an oval lover, but almond seems to be popular right now... But wait, what do these shapes even...

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