beauty regimeOh eye cream, yet another beauty product that women seem to be obsessed with making part of their daily (morning and night routine). If you’re anything like me – you use a minimum of ten products and never switch it up. Or you have no idea what you should be using and just stick to what you know. However that last few months I have been seeing a lot on social media women using eye cream or an under eye serum and it’s got me thinking, does it actually work?

Whether you’re a mom who spends her nights feeding a newborn, a workaholic, or a gamer, you’re bound to have some tired eyes, or dark circles (and cover up isn’t cutting it). So here were are, pondering the real question – does eye cream really work and do you need it?

The skin around the eyes is the most fragile, and definitely prone to more dryness (wrinkles, dark circles), and the first spot you’ll notice fatigue or aging. We blink thousands of times a day so our eye muscles and the skin around it are constantly moving – so it’s no wonder we want to make sure we are taking care of them. Yes, eye creams can address some issues – but no, they won’t solve them all.

Wrinkles and those fine lines we see come from age, sun damage, the skin losing collagen (which maintains skin’s elasticity), etc. Eye creams that contain collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid definitely help boost moisture back into the skin – and can prevent more/future water loss; reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Dark circles on the other hand are not just from being tired. Our genes, sun damage, age, etc. all play into a factor as well. Look for creams that will thicken the skin and that contain vitamin B3 to help reduce dark circles. Or invest in a really good concealer.

If you’re hoping a cream will help those puffy eyes… well that’s due to fluid build up. Caffeine can help reduce this (no that doesn’t mean consume more coffee), but a cold compress will work just as well. That’s why you see ladies at the spa with cucumbers on their eyes! If you already have a good eye cream – pop it into the fridge, the coolness will definitely help.

Again, not everything is going to work and if you don’t believe in using a bunch of skin care products that’s okay too (plus it gets expensive). At the end of the day the cheapest and most important thing to consume is water!